Rick Dangerous


Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous

A classic platform game which inspired a slurry of other platform games. The game is largely based on the Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Rick can jump and climb, and carry a limited amount of bombs and ammunition for his gun. The gun is mostly used to shoot enemies, although most traps that can kill Rick can also kill his enemies if used correctly. The bombs are generally used for puzzle solving, such as blowing out certain blocks. Rick is also armed with a pogo stick that allows him to paralyze enemies with split-second timing.

Unusually, many of the traps in Rick Dangerous have no visible warning, which means that a player’s initial progress through the game can be a nail-biting ordeal of trial and error, I should warn you that this can be frustrating

Arrows to move
ctrl and up to fire gun
ctrl and down to bomb
ctrl and left to stick
ctrl and right to stick
home key to cheat
ESC to reset
Tab/P to pause

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